Vercrio™ is dedicated to crafting next-generation security products that combine unmatched security with elegant usability. Vercrio’s LucidAuth™ is a workforce authentication solution that leverages PeerProofing™ to neutralize attacks plaguing current MFA solutions, while eliminating the use of passwords.

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Vercrio LucidAuth™ was designed with privacy in mind by only collecting user information after explicit consent, securely storing sensitive biometric information on user’s devices and allowing users to opt-out ofn biometric data collection. It also ensures compliance with privacy directives by verifying user’s identities with strong two-factor authentication before gaining access to personally identifiable information (PII)

Onboarding is traditionally one of the weak points in an organization’s security architecture. Attackers often target self-service onboarding on legacy MFA for this reason. Often times, a few pieces of phishable information is all that an attacker needs to successfully social-engineer their way into an organization’s network, even with manual onboarding. From there, privilege escalation can lead on to breaches and ransomware.

With PeerProofing, a user’s identity is verified by peers via video at onboarding time. No more asking for sensitive PII on the phone, or self-service onboarding that can be compromised through phished information. PeerProofing verifies users’ identity to a higher confidence level compared to legacy MFA. Attackers are stopped at onboarding, well before they can cause damage.

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Vercrio’s patented PeerProofing™ is the industry’s first integrated identity verification system that ensures a user’s real identity at onboarding. This makes onboarding users secure and simple. PeerProofing uncovers attackers at the first moment of compromise, giving you advanced warning that other MFA systems don’t, so you can shut down an attack before it starts.

Vercrio’s VerifiedBiometrics™ system ensures user biometrics are trusted only after PeerProofing verifies their identity. Without VerifiedBiometrics, attackers can enroll their biometrics pretending to be the user, completely compromising the system’s integrity. VerifiedBiometrics enable biometrics to be a true independent authentication factor that you can trust.

Vercrio’s products adhere to the ‘Usable Security’ design philosophy. We build elegant products that make security effortless for the user. This attitude fosters a cooperative alliance between users and security admins to help better protect their organizations.